We Are

Cloak Dagger      

We Are

Release Date: September 11, 2007

On their debut full length release for Jade Tree, CLOAK/DAGGER keep it fast and simple. Produced and recorded at Headbanging Kill Your Mama Music Studios by Chris Owens (Lords), We Are is a bombastic, rough around the edges approach to minimalist hardcore. Combining the jagged aggression of bands like Swiz and Black Flag with the spastic urgency of Drive Like Jehu, We Are CLOAK/DAGGER embraces a lyrically raw directness that transcends the false conceptions and misgivings of modern punk, offering up honest commentary on the balance between life both with and without excess. In the end, We Are CLOAK/DAGGER embraces the long lost art of disposability, steering away from the culture of celebratory fake aggression, into a new era of raw, incendiary punk music.

  1. Bended Knee
  2. Sunburnt Mess
  3. Runways
  4. Kamikazes
  5. New Years Resolution
  6. Walk the Block
  7. J.C. Pays the Bills
  8. Hollywood Hills
  9. Generato
  10. Red Hair
  11. Set the Alarm
  12. Last Call
  13. Quit Life

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