'Discography' Double LP JT1049

Turning Point      

'Discography' Double LP JT1049

Release Date: May 2000

TURNING POINT were probably your favorite band's favorite band at one point, but with their records long out of print and their remarkable live shows tucked into memory, you might never know. That's why we've banded together this 39-song discography that collects all of TURNING POINT'S recorded output, bootlegs, live shows, and compilation material onto one compact disc. If you were there, you'll probably throw on your hoodie and dance around your bedroom like the good ol' days. If you weren't, you'll probably wish you were.

  1. Behind This Wall
  2. Thursday
  3. Anxiety Asking
  4. Broken
  5. Before The Dawn
  6. Running in Place
  7. Guidance
  8. Face Up
  9. Turn It Around
  10. Shadow of Lies
  11. Life Goes On
  12. Prophecy
  13. Descent
  14. Growing Stronger
  15. Get it Back
  16. Feeding the Fire
  17. Insecurity
  18. My Turn to Win
  19. To Lose
  20. The Few and the Proud
  21. Empty Promises
  22. Never Again
  23. Over the Line
  24. Turning Point
  25. To Lose
  26. Face Up
  27. Never Again
  28. Behind My Back
  29. Turning Point
  30. Curtain Falls
  31. Empty Promises
  32. Growing Stronger
  33. Down
  34. Hollow Inside
  35. Unexpressed
  36. Undertow
  37. Will to Speak
  38. Watching it Fall

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