Shorter Faster Louder

Kid Dynamite      

Shorter Faster Louder

Release Date: February 2000

If they had named their record something else, we'd probably be sitting here right now telling you how KID DYNAMITE'S second and final album is a lot like their first - only shorter, faster, and louder. But goddammit, they beat us to it and now we need to come up with new adjectives for a gloriously no-frills hardcore album so straightforward, precise, and skillfully executed, it probably had to be their last.

  1. Pits & Poisoned Apples
  2. Death and Taxes
  3. Cheap Shot Youth Anthem
  4. Copout
  5. Handy with the Tongue Sword
  6. Living Daylights
  7. Introduction to the Opposites
  8. Gate 68
  9. Troys' Bucket
  10. Rufus Wants a Hug
  11. Got a Minute?
  12. The Penske File
  13. Rid of the Losers, Bring on the Cruisers
  14. Three's a Party
  15. S.O.S.
  16. Two For Flinching
  17. Birthday
  18. Give' em the Ripped One

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