Breather Resist      


Release Date: October 05, 2004

This Louisville, KY four-piece set out remold all the stagnant preconceptions of heavy music and have released an armful of disks with labels from Initial to Deathwish. Now signed to Jade Tree, their newest release is too volatile to ignore much longer; equally vicious, progressive, and thoroughly unpredictable. First pressing packaged with a die-cut folder. No Australia, Sweden, Italy, Benelux, France, Germany or UK.

  1. In Insomniac's Complexion
  2. A Social Worker's Nightmare
  3. Midas In Reverse
  4. Honest To God
  5. As Far As Goodbyes Go
  6. Keep 'Em In Stitches
  7. Long Nights, Short Fuses
  8. Loose Lipped Error
  9. A Passing Glance
  10. Amphetamine Praise
  11. Astigmatism

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