We Are on Black

Cloak Dagger      

We Are on Black

"We Are," the first full-length offering from Richmond's CLOAK/DAGGER, blazes through thirteen abrasive blasts combining the vehement desperation of early '80s punk bands like BLACK FLAG and CIRCLE JERKS with an innovative proficiency akin to bands like HOT SNAKES or even THE WIPERS. Remastered from the original mix by Dan at Mammoth Sound. For those who have been patiently waiting on this release since last year, we promise it will be worth the wait! Released by Grave Mistake Records.

  1. Bended Knee
  2. Sunburnt Mess
  3. Runways
  4. Kamikazes
  5. New Years Resolution
  6. Walk The Block
  7. J.C. Pays The Bills
  8. Hollywood Hills
  9. Generato
  10. Red Hair
  11. Set The Alarm
  12. Last Call
  13. Quit Life
  14. (Bonus Track 1)

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