Over The James


Over The James

Release Date: April 11, 2006

AVAIL triumphantly puts it all together on Over the James. The raw energy of their legendary live show is finally conveyed on this thunderously pristine recording. With a more mature take on songwriting and probably Tim Barry’s most personal lyrics to date, the 1998 album is the most ferocious and vital statement of their career. The 14 original songs have been remastered and are now bolstered by bonus tracks including the Fall of Richmond split with (Young) Pioneers and the band’s covers of Elvis, Billy Joel and Embrace, as well as new liner notes, artwork and rare photographs.

  1. Deepwood
  2. New #2
  3. August
  4. Fall Apart
  5. Nickel Bridge
  6. Scuffle Town
  7. Sanctuary 13
  8. S.R.O.
  9. Midtown West
  10. Lombardy St.
  11. Vine
  12. Cross Tie
  13. Ask
  14. Fifth Wheel
  15. Lombardy St.
  16. You May Be Right
  17. Suspicious Minds
  18. Said Gun

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