Walleye/Damnation AD Split Vinyl

Walleye/Damnation AD Split Vinyl

How two bands that are so drastically different can get together to share one piece of vinyl is still beyond us, but this record wasn't exactly created to confer with anyone's expectations. While WALLEYE offer up a friendly dose of finely crafted - albeit angst-ridden - pop-tinged punk, Washington D.C.'s DAMNATION A.D. obliterate their side of the platter in a brutal blast of metallic hardcore and unabashed noise. Which, of course, only goes to show that in the end, it's all just punk rock anyway. (Also available as part of Jade Tree's retrospective CD, The First Five Years (JT1050).

  1. In the Flesh - Damnation A.D.
  2. Fuzzyhead - Walleye

Jade Tree Damnation A.D. Walleye ID: 65685 Catalog ID: 1371 SKU: WALL101700-LP00 Created: 5/30/2006
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