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Very Emergency

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Release Date: September 1999

Time breeds sophistication, and as the THE PROMISE RING usher in over half a decade as a band - no small feat in an industry of quick burnouts, mind you - they also bring a new noise. Using a wide palette of inspiration that renders depth and revelation to the band's already distinguished character, Very Emergency (JT1043) finally delivers on what previous recordings have only hinted at - namely, a deepening appreciation for songcraft and the realization that a great pop record can be both simple and smart.



1. Happiness is all the Rage
2. Emergency! Emergency!
3. The Deep South
4. Happy Hour
5. Things Just Getting Good
6. Living Around
7. Jersey Shore
8. Skips a Beat (Over You)
9. Arms & Danger
10. All of My Everythings

Sku: TPR0104300-CD00