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30 Degrees Everywhere

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Release Date: September 1996

When you're hot, you're hot, and THE PROMISE RING were on an unstoppable creative roll as they prepped to release their debut album for Jade Tree and third release in less than a year. Being productive, however, certainly failed to drain the band's seemingly endless well of quality songwriting, as this album - which gave Cherry Coke and John Taylor entry into the post-punk lexicon and inadvertently lavished the art of the pop music handclap with a renewed lease on life - convincingly attests.



1. Everywhere In Denver
2. Red Paint
3. Heart Of A Broken Story
4. Scenes From France
5. Anne You Will Sing
6. My Firetower Flame
7. Between Pacific Coasts
8. A Picture Postcard
9. Somebody's Done For
10. The Sea Of Cortez
11. Run Down The Waterfall
12. We Don't Like Romance (Instr.)

Sku: TPR0102600-CD00