Ringing In The Dawn

Trial By Fire , Jade Tree


Release Date: March 19, 2002

TRIAL BY FIRE play uncomplicated, no frills hardcore of a caliber that is without equal. Endowed with dynamic force and a revitalizing state of mind, TRIAL BY FIRE reward the ever faithful with a debut album full of fervent musical angst and shrewd lyrical observations which harken back to the days when punk meant something more than who has the tightest t-shirt or coolest haircut, but rather a purposeful reflection on society and ones role within it.

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1. Test Pattern
2. To Whom it may Redeem
3. Steps of St.Johns
4. Pilot Light
5. Process of Elimination
6. One Last Gasp
7. F.O.P
8. Threat to the Slave Trade
9. Vengeance
10. Point an Inward Finger
11. Friendly Fire

Sku: TBF0107000-CD00