This Is Meant To Hurt You

This Is Meant To Hurt You

Release Date: August 12, 2003

Seattle, WA’s THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES are poised to spread their venom far and wide. With members who have participated in such Northwestern luminaries as Botch, Nineironspitfire, and Kill Sadie, THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES pedigree is only but a touchstone for the band’s progressive aggression and passionate chaos. Defying parameters, THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES match their determined rock with side-winding sonic parallels and layers of subtle confusion.

  1. Riding the Grape Dragon
  2. Run It Through the Dog
  3. Diggers of Ditches Everywhere
  4. The Blue Rose
  5. Drinking from the Necks of the Ones You Love

Jade Tree ID: 65553 Catalog ID: 380 SKU: TAAS108400-CD00 Created: 5/30/2006