Often Lie

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Release Date: July 12, 2005

Denver Dalley’s follow up to Leave Your Name finds the lanky Omaha native upping the ante and delivering a record that is as poignant as it is potent. Often Lie begins with a breathy whisper, but it hardly murmurs for long before guitars hurtle in and the first power chord rings out. An album of mournful pop perfection, Omaha native and Desaparecidos co-songwriter Dalley delivers the goods here; delicate odes to forgotten radio DJs and loves lost are peppered with electronic flourishes while crushing choruses beautifully butt up against a melancholic wash of breathtaking production, but when push comes to shove Often Lie elegantly ends in a resounding crash.

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1. Final Broadcast
2. Nobody Knows Your Name
3. Say You Will
4. No Promises
5. A Foreword
6. By(e) Now
7. Begging To Be Heard
8. At The End
9. 10.22

Sku: STA0110500-CD00