To Live In Discontent

Strike Anywhere      

To Live In Discontent

Release Date: January 25, 2005

The Richmond, Virginia boys of STRIKE ANYWHERE have made their career by delivering hardcore anthems peppered with a radical worldview and a sincere musical/political understanding of the last 30 years of punk rock lineage. The five-piece have been bubbling over and with the release of To Live In Discontent the band offers a rare insight into the history of their undeniable hooks and ferocious energy. A collection of rare and unreleased material including the long out of print Chorus Of One EP, outtakes from Exit English, and an assortment of classic cover choices including Cock Sparrer, Dag Nasty, and of course The Gorilla Biscuits. To Live In Discontent is a must have release for any fan of the band’s raucous rally cry; a definitive insight into what fuels a revolution, and a glimpse into the history that will thankfully keep it burning.

  1. Asleep
  2. Antidote
  3. Chorus Of One
  4. Question The Answer
  5. Incendiary
  6. Earthbound
  7. Notes On Pulling The Sky Down
  8. Cassandratic Equation
  9. Two Fuses
  10. Sunspotting
  11. Two Sides
  12. Values Here
  13. Where Are They Now

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