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Change Is A Sound Black LP Vinyl

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Release Date: August 14, 2001
8/2010 pressing of 250 on black.

STRIKE ANYWHERE’S eleven-song debut full-length is for the youth possessed of all ages. Positive melodic hardcore with punk rock soul in which heartfelt revolutionary messages for the mind and heart are communicated. Defiant, unbroken, and uncompromising, it is fast, catchy, emotional HC and sing-a-long punk in the tradition of the genre’s finest.

Vinyl LP


1. You're Fired
2. Timebomb Generation
3. Refusal
4. Laughter In A Police State
5. Sunset on 32nd
6. Detonation
7. Riot Of Words
8. S.S.T.
9. Chalkline
10. Three On A Match
11. My Design

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