Miighty Flashlight Vinyl

Miighty Flashlight      

Miighty Flashlight Vinyl

Release Date: January 22, 2002

MIIGHTY FLASHLIGHT (aka Mike Fellows, ex-Rites of Spring) sees things most people only wish they could dream about. Now he unloads this pancreatic pleasure in the form of a 10-song debut, a broken denture capped with ivory. Armed with acoustic guitar and Powerbook, Mike has recorded songs that are hard to describe, but evoke images of him hovering 9 feet in the air holding a copy of Neil Young's "On The Beach" in one hand and Chris+Cosey's "Trance" in the other.

  1. Several Water Cannons
  2. Stop Blocking
  3. Go on. Die. It's Easy.
  4. Vehicular Dome
  5. Fatherland Focus
  6. Ballet Skool
  7. Ventilating Zephyrs
  8. Forget This Space
  9. Hala Hanan Di Halida
  10. Lavish Corduroy

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