Somewhere In The Swamps Of Jersey

Lifetime , Jade Tree


Release Date: March 21, 2006

Somewhere In The Swamps Of Jersey unearths the lesser-known side of LIFETIME and simultaneously presents a new take on the band’s impassioned hardcore. This double-disc set not only contains singles, compilation tracks, covers and demos, but also two versions of their crucial, out-of-print 1993 debut, Background. Disc one’s version has been completely remixed to now foreshadow the tight, loud and exuberant sound that would eventually define the band. Disc two presents a remaster of the untouched original, complete with the bonus live set. A 52-page perfect-bound book of liner notes, lyrics and over 40 rare photographs completes this collector’s dream.

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1. Somewhere In The Swamps Of Jersey (Disc A)
2. Isae Aldy Beausoleil (Disc A)
3. Ferret (Disc A)
4. Starsixtynine (Disc A)
5. Ampersand (Disc A)
6. Secede (Disc A)
7. Young, Loud, And Scotty (Disc A)
8. Bringin’ It Backwards (Disc A)
9. Theme Song For A New Brunswick Basement Show (Disc A)
10. New England (Disc A)
11. Money (Disc A)
12. You (Disc A)
13. Pieces (Disc A)
14. Myself (Disc A)
15. Thanks (Disc A)
16. Up (Disc A)
17. Bedtime (Disc A)
18. Old Friend (Disc A)
19. Ghost (Disc A)
20. Alive (Disc A)
21. Background (Disc A)
22. Dwell (Disc A)
23. Find (Disc A)
24. Souvenir (Disc A)
25. Gone (Disc A)
26. Tradition (Disc A)
27. You (Disc B)
28. Pieces (Disc B)
29. Myself (Disc B)
30. Thanks (Disc B)
31. Up (Disc B)
32. Bedtime (Disc B)
33. Old Friend (Disc B)
34. Ghost (Disc B)
35. Alive (Disc B)
36. Background (Disc B)
37. You (Live) - (Disc B)
38. Ghost (Live) - (Disc B)
39. Thanks (Live) - (Disc B)
40. Dwell (Live) - (Disc B)
41. Up (Live) - (Disc B)
42. Alive (Live) - (Disc B)
43. Gone (Live) - (Disc B)
44. Bedtime (Live) - (Disc B)
45. Background (Live) - (Disc B)

Sku: LFT0110000-CD00