Jersey's Best Dancers


Jersey's Best Dancers

Release Date: June 1997

The final release by one of hardcore's most renowned artists accurately recreates the invincible formula of their breakthrough album while refining its ingredients and retaining the progressive and uplifting edge that launched their legend. While enervated scenesters talk about hardcore punk in the past tense, there every so often comes a band like LIFETIME to remind us how invigorating and relevant the genre can be with a little bit of passion and sincerity.

  1. Turnpike Gates
  2. Young, Loud, and Scotty
  3. Francie Nolan
  4. 25 Cent Giraffes
  5. Hey Catrine
  6. Bringing It Backwards
  7. How We Are
  8. Theme Song For A New Brunswick Basement Show
  9. Cut The Tension
  10. The Truth About Lars
  11. The Boy's No Good
  12. The Verona Kings

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