'S/T' LP JT1039

Kid Dynamite      

'S/T' LP JT1039

Release Date: October 1998

KID DYNAMITE'S eponymous debut wants to party like it's 1982, when hardcore street punk was a heartfelt reflection of an alienated life and screaming your head off indecipherably was a performing art. At the same time, this ain't no time warp. Refined for a post-punk generation, these Lifetime and Ink & Dagger alumni keep it relevant with a perspective of the past twenty some-odd years, the wisdom of maturity, and a progressive lyrical approach that carries as much responsibility as it does rage.

  1. Pause
  2. K05-0564
  3. Sweet Shop Syndicate
  4. Table 19
  5. Ph. Decontrol
  6. Showoff
  7. Bookworm
  8. Scarysmurf
  9. The Ronald Miller Story
  10. Bench Warmer
  11. Zuko's Back In Town
  12. Never Met The Gooch
  13. News at 11
  14. 32 Frames Per Second
  15. Pacifier
  16. 3 o'clock
  17. Shiner
  18. Wrist Rocket
  19. Fuckuturn

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