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Jets To Brazil      

Orange Rhyming Dictionary

Release Date: October 1998

Members of Jawbreaker, Texas is the Reason, and Handsome hash out one of the most riveting debut records we've ever heard, braiding punk rock bravado with a pop consciousness, post-modern style, and the poetic literary flair that hurled Blake Schwarzenbach into the songwriting elite. Worth it alone to wallow in the album's climactic refrain of "You keep fucking up my life!" If it doesn't send a shiver to your spine, call the medics.

  1. Crown of the Valley
  2. Morning New Disease
  3. Resistance is Futile
  4. Starry Configurations
  5. Chinatown
  6. Sea Anemone
  7. Lemon Yellow Black
  8. Conrad
  9. King Medicine
  10. I Typed For Miles
  11. Sweet Avenue

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