How Can Any Thing So Little Be Any More?

Joan of Arc      

How Can Any Thing So Little Be Any More?

Release Date: May 15, 2001

While this EP uses the same template as JOA's "The Gap", it has a thoughtful distance that gives it a more direct impact and appeal than it’s predecessor. Imbued with the same captivating and clever approach to song craft that has defined JOAN OF ARC'S previous recordings, "How Can..." (JT1057) also has a personality and refinement that embraces the lesser heard human side of the band while still remaining quietly just left of a definable boundary.

  1. Leaving Needn't Take Long
  2. Ne Mosquitos Pass
  3. We Neither Hide Nor Seek
  4. Most at Home in Motels
  5. My Cause is Noble and Just
  6. My Fight is Necessary
  7. What If We Are Not After All, All Destined for Greatness?
  8. I'll Show You, I'll Show You All

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