The Gap

Joan of Arc      

The Gap

Release Date: September 2000

Juxtaposing more traditional acoustic arrangements against artificial future sounds, JOAN OF ARC has created The Gap (JT1053). Going way overboard and exhausting every option, with up to 100 tracks on certain songs, "The Gap" bears witness to a band evolving and crafting beautiful new territory. Use headphones and close your eyes.

  1. (You) Can Not See (You) as (I) CanAs Black Pants Make Cats Hairs Appear
  2. Knife Fights Every Night
  3. John Cassavetes, Assata Shakur/Guy Debord Walk into a Bar.....
  4. Another Brick at the Gap, Pt. 2
  5. Zelda
  6. Pleasure Isn't Simple
  7. Me and America (Or) United Colors of the Gap
  8. Your Impersonation This Morning of Me Last Night
  9. Outside the Gap

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