A Portable Model Of

Joan of Arc      

A Portable Model Of

Release Date: June 1997

The first of several high-flying conceptual works to come from the JOAN OF ARC compound is a eminently eclectic affair - organic and electronic, ironic and earnest, familiar, yet wholly irregular. It's a balance that allows this Chicago-based group to walk on the fringe without being swallowed by it. You'll feasibly end up scratching your head as much as you wind up nodding it, but if you didn't, you'd probably be missing the point.

  1. I Love A Woman (Who Loves Me)
  2. The Hands
  3. Anne Aviary
  4. Let's Wrestle
  5. Romulans! Romulans!
  6. Post Coitus Rock
  7. Count To A Thousand
  8. How Wheeling Feels
  9. In Pompeii
  10. Caliban
  11. In Pamplona
  12. I Was Born
  13. (I Love A Woman) Who Loves Me

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