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Location Is Everything Vol. 1 **Sal...

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1. Lukewarm-New End Original
2. Kicking The Lights-Girls Against Boys
3. Gunner-Denali
4. To Whom It May Redeem-Trial By Fire
5. High Uinta High-Cub Country
6. Shrink To Fit-Milemarker
7. Ballet Skool-Mighty Flashlight
8. S.S.T.-Strike Anywhere
9. I Want The Quiet Moments Of A Party Girl-Owls
10. God Bless The S.O.S.-The Explosion
11. Back To Hell-Zero Zero
12. Milk & Apples-Jets To Brazil
13. My Ladies Can't Remember The 80's-Euphone
14. Emergency! Emergency!-The Promise Ring
15. Smile-Onelinedrawing
16. Rapture-Pedro The Lion
17. Super Slow-Girls Against Boys
18. New Lexicon-Milemarker
19. Backwoods Nation-Pedro The Lion
20. I've Got All The Words...-Jets To Brazil
21. Another Beautiful 'Fuck You' Song-Paint It Black
22. Thickened Light-Mighty Flashlight
23. Easy-The Promise Ring

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