Ester Drang      


Release Date: January 24, 2006

ESTER DRANG’s third full length, Rocinate, catapults the band even further into their patented synth-dripped rhythms, throbbing percussion, rising horns and post-gazer grandeur, having as much in common with Brian Eno’s mournful drone as they do The Notwist’s passionate textures. Rocinate affords these Oklahomans the freedom to orchestrate their imagination into a beautiful ensemble of tracks; proving that songs not only have the power to elevate, to leave you infiltrated, but when properly strung together can be as transcendent as they are moving.

  1. Come Back Alive
  2. Valencia’s Dying Dream
  3. Grave Mistake
  4. Hooker With A Heart of Gold
  5. Great Expectations
  6. Everyone Is A Victim
  7. Smoke and Air
  8. Caledonia
  9. White Lies
  10. Proustian Moments

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