Infinite Keys

Ester Drang      

Infinite Keys

Release Date: April 01, 2003

Oklahoma's ESTER DRANG has produced a precise and delicate album on their second full-length and Jade Tree debut, Infinite Keys (JT1082). Cinematically inspired and atmospheric, it is a spectral wall of sound that reaches out in several directions at once without losing its central focus, emanating a feeling of timelessness that melds well with its psychedelic elements.

  1. The Temple Mount
  2. Dead Man's Point Of View
  3. Oceans Of You
  4. One Hundred Times
  5. The Greatest Thing
  6. No One Could Ever Take Your Face
  7. If They Only Knew
  8. All The Feeling
  9. I Don't Want To Live (In A world Of Infinite Keys)

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