Hashin' It Out Vinyl

Euphone , Jade Tree


Release Date: October 2000

There's still only two of them, but this time, EUPHONE bring in a slew of talented guests to augment their unpredictable combination of dub, jazz, rock, electro, and fusion. Count in Chicago friends like Jeremy Jacobsen (The Lonesome Organist, Five Style), Tim Kinsella (Joan Of Arc), and Dan Bitney (Isotope 217, Tortoise) for some spice, but leave it to primary members Ryan Rapsys and Nick Macri to execute the recipe. From horns to synths to Ryan's first-ever vocal, there's hardly a musical hurdle these guys are unwilling to leap.

Vinyl LP
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1. Gyrations
2. Press On
3. Where's The B?
4. Newscast
5. Bad Ascending
6. Do You Up
7. Oh You Ache
8. Weekend
9. Shut It
10. Nick Is Ryan
11. Honey, I'll Be Home By Supper Time
12. My Ladies Can't Remember The Eighties
13. Confirmation Of Suspicions

Sku: EPN0105400-LP00

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    Vinyl LP
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    Hashin' It Out