The Calendar Of Unlucky Days

Euphone , Jade Tree


Release Date: April 1999

After a pair of releases for the Hefty label, Chicago's EUPHONE arrive at Jade Tree with a versatile album so rhythmically heady and intricate, we had a hard time believing they were only a duo. As the rhythm section for Heroic Doses, drummer Ryan Rapsys and bassist Nick Macri provide a solid backbone for the guitar aerobics of Five Style's Bill Dolan. As EUPHONE, however, the twosome prove themselves as more than just an atypical drums-n-bass unit, but as talented multi-instrumentalists who are as comfortable rocking a nightclub as they are an after-hours party.

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1. Bought Then Sold
2. Fallout
3. Broken Gourd
4. SU 10 #1
5. Apostolic
6. As Close To Cold
7. Needle And Crate
8. Cindy You Hate To Eat
9. Wickedness
10. Playboy

Sku: EPN0104100-CD00