No More Dreams Of Happy Endings Vinyl

Damnation A.D.      

No More Dreams Of Happy Endings Vinyl

Right when you thought you'd figured out "the Jade Tree sound," we decided to throw this lethal wrench into the machine and let the pieces fall where they may. Darkness, aggression, sheer adrenaline, and unapologetic muscular riffing sans the machismo sounded just about as good to you as it did to us, though, and DAMNATION'S debut album managed to usher in an updated and skillfully corrupted version of a familiar sound through uncharted territory. We still can't remember the last time we saw so many clean-cut kids banging their heads.

  1. Two Steps Down
  2. No More Dreams
  3. No Way Out
  4. A Better Tomorrow
  5. The Hangedman
  6. Funeral March
  7. In Memorium
  8. Sleep
  9. Eleven Thirty Four
  10. A Second Face

Jade Tree ID: 65064 Catalog ID: 483 SKU: DMAD102000-LP00 Created: 5/30/2006
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