Release Date: April 11, 2006

Dixie, the classic 1994 album from Richmond, VA punk-rock legends AVAIL, is back in print and better than ever. The album’s original 12 tracks of highly personal, Americana-punk have now been remastered and beefed up by the addition of 11 bonus tracks (compiled from the Attempt to Regress 7” and the 10" Live at the Kingshead Inn), new liner notes and loads of rare photographs. Dixie is the rallying cry that truly put AVAIL on the map, belted out in emotive tales of the struggle of everyday Southern life and backed by unfathomably huge hooks and an unbridled rage.

  1. On the Nod
  2. Clone
  3. Tuning
  4. Song
  5. Sidewalk
  6. 25 Years
  7. Virus
  8. Beliefs Pile
  9. Treading On Heels
  10. Model
  11. South Bound 95
  12. Pink Houses
  13. Connection
  14. Mr. Morgan
  15. Sidewalk
  16. Stride
  17. Song
  18. Observations
  19. Predictable
  20. Forgotten
  21. Pinned Up
  22. Kiss Off
  23. Connection

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