Alkaline Trio/Hot Water Music Split

Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music , Alkaline Trio , Hot Water Music , Jade Tree


Release Date: January 22, 2002 ALKALINE TRIO offers 3 doses of pop influenced punk rock enveloped in the shadow of death and despair with slivers of light penetrating the seams to tender a glimmer of hope and consolation. All that and a HOT WATER MUSIC cover too. HOT WATER MUSIC treads on familiar ground, churning out 4 raw and intensely passionate songs, which includes 2 ALKALINE TRIO covers. Both band's contributions are brand new and exclusive to this EP.

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1. Queen Of Pain - Alkaline Trio
2. While You're Waiting - Alkaline Trio
3. Rooftops - Alkaline Trio
4. God Deciding - Hot Water Music
5. Russian Roulette - Hot Water Music
6. Radio - Hot Water Music
7. Bleeder - Hot Water Music

Sku: ALKT106700-CD00